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Farm to Table
Elk Meat

Locally Raised Premium Alberta Elk Meat

Support Local Sustainable

Mountain View Elk is located just South of Calgary, outside of Okotoks, we provide a healthier alternative to eating beef, without losing the flavor, nutrients, and benefits. 

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Why choose elk meat? 

  • Raising Elk isn’t Organic, but 100% Natural. Grass Fed with No use of Antibiotics, Hormones, nor Steroids

  • All Ranched Raised Elk Meat is Government Inspected

  • Elk meat is lower in fat, higher in protein. It is a richer meat, so typically one wouldn’t consume as much as with other meats.

  • All our Elk products are aged a minimum of 14 days

  • All our cuts are vacuum packed to enable the consumer to see what they are getting. The cuts are frozen for Maximum Freshness


What is Elk Velvet Antler?

  • Elk Velvet Antler has been used by the Asian Cultures for over 2000 years.

  • EVA (elk velvet antler) is a Natural, RENEWABLE Resource used to Prevent, Heal, Relieve Ailments & Injuries

  • Research has reported Abilities to: 

    • Reduce Inflammation

    • Influence Body Metabolism

    • Support Immune Function

    • Protect Damaged Tissues

    • Affect Blood, Liver, & Kidney Function


Recipes and Tips

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